is a policy instrument for working
your accounting up into accessible,
comprehensive and transparent reports

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A new software product calls for an adjustment of the operating procedures and a lot of patience from the user.
MACS Report's highly user-friendly system means a limited amount of training will generate a high added value.

Tailored to the company or group of companies using MACS Report, In-Company training is designed to answer the users' specific questions and provide further information about all the functional features the product offers.

Open training: provided at regular intervals for a diverse group of users. In this case more general information is provided about the software package. The demo is used to examine and explain the entire process from the start-up stage to the use of reports. Lots of other questions are obviously dealt with during these sessions.

Expert training: in addition to details about the practical operation of the software package technical explanations are provided about setting up a reporting system for yourself or any companies you may wish to advise. This intensive training is backed up with specific examples and designed to answer all your questions. Expert Training may result in MACS Report accreditation.

Implementation (MACS certified)

Should you need further support for implementing the software you may apply for a list of accredited consultants.
Use contact to send us the request and we will provide you with a list for you to choose from.

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