is a policy instrument for working
your accounting up into accessible,
comprehensive and transparent reports


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A few testimonials

“Before my accountant used to provide me with a few pages featuring the accounts and amounts, whereas Macs Report has all these figures arranged on one page and presented according to my right of access and business.”

“I had no overall view of my cost structure but Macs Report offers me a monthly breakdown of my Variable costs, Fixed costs and Overheads”

“Thanks to Macs Report I can keep track of my results every month on a one A4 sheet of paper so I can make a year-on-year comparison of the budget for the same period and also compare individual months with each other.”

“Our company results were getting worse for a few months without there being any clear picture of why this should be so. Macs Report provided us with the overview needed to make any adjustments that were required."

“Since the advent of our Advisory Board Macs Report has helped me to present the key figures every quarter on a smooth and steady basis, so we can continue to enhance our company's professional approach while keeping the advisors directly informed.”

“We have an accounting system in which all the data is managed and Macs Report can be used to make all the required adjustments and make the assumptions required to have a true picture of the result. So no more need to complicate our accounting system unnecessarily with entries that have to be readjusted the following month.”

“Macs Report offers us a really straightforward and harmonised system for the consolidation of all our companies within the groups, even those abroad, in local and group currencies.”

“Since using Macs Report our bank has more confidence in the way we keep track of our business.”


“Before we used to have just one outturn account and one purchasing account, plus several itemised fixed cost accounts. Macs Report made us understand that the very essence of our business decision-making process is precisely in more variable cost accounts. We can monitor our gross contribution perfectly on the basis of a few clusters."

“We always used to think that drawing up a budget was a difficult and intricate process that was definitely not for our company. The Macs Report tool makes the process quite a straightforward one and we now also see the value-adding opportunities as a result of monitoring these every month and making a comparison with the current figures.”

“The structure of Macs Report has offered us an understanding of our cost structure and helped us a lot with the cost evaluation and deciding the rates and charges.”

“The 6-monthly report has given us a clear picture and the means of comparing the individual monthly results.”

“The Cash&Fund has now made it easy for us to get an overall picture of our working capital and we are also trying to limit this on a monthly basis.”

“The Perform module's logical structure helped us make a success of starting to monitor these parameters contributing to our strategy. These 4 key clusters offer you a point of reference.“

“Macs Report made us understand how we can monitor our strategy month after month and adjust it if necessary.”

“Fiscally speaking our financial year is at variance with the calendar year. Macs Report means there is no problem producing reports for both periods.”

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